Thursday, 12 July 2018


abhishekpeter.blogspot.comA man goes fishing and it does not know that fish are caught by them.
And then he picks his nets in the river to catch fish, but no fish was trapped in his trap. He was trying very hard but no fish was getting caught.

The man was very sad and on the other side, another man was sitting and fish was being easily fooled, and the first man was very unhappy, what would he do that he even started to fish, then he did not feel defeated, he thought When the other man can catch fish, why do not we and he said, now we will be fishing and that man tried very day and one day learned to catch him fish.

We should never think that we can not do this work and if someone else is doing that work then you can do that less

Sunday, 8 July 2018

like it

like it

like it

A boy's market was going to pick up some goods. Some friends of that guy meet people and say to the boy that you are bicycling and started joking about that boy, that boy was sad and said that We are going to take home items and say that if we do not take a bicycle, then all we have to bring is to reduce our bicycle. Then, after listening to that boy, his friends are sorry.
like itForgive our friend, forgive us We have jokingly forgotten you friend. Then the boy said that brother is not a matter. You people do not apologize, the mistake was the most.
Then the boy would gladly be happy to take home items like Jesse Rice, the vegetable went to go to the lost then you would like to go to a watering place with friends and move around in trees and fields.

Then the boy goes to with a friend, then you tell friends, that we feel hungry in running our bicycles and this bicycle will help us get,as if we were by our bicycles

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Wednesday, 4 July 2018



If you go anywhere, you will find a beautiful place everywhere because everything that the Lord has created is very awesome, that is why everything should be respected for this. Wherever you are, you can see beautiful things. Where you go, you see the beautiful things of that, you wake up in the morning, then you get to see the wonderful view of the morning, as soon as the bird speaks, and the cool cold air Let's move and the tree shakes the leaves and it feels good to wake up early in the morning and the perfect Lord has made everything.
It is very beautiful. And in the morning the lord made us we got up in the morning and we got our jobs and when the evening came, people would finish their work and the Lord made the night so that we could rest at night, then the Lord Whatever thing we have created, that thinking is made of thinking and that is why we should respect everything.

Sunday, 1 July 2018


A man decided to leave his life. That he will leave everything And your work and relationship The man was going somewhere, then he met another guy. He tells his whole thing to another person, and another person says that if you do anything to yourself, then how much pain will your family members suffer in pain? Let's keep coming, but we should never give up. Then another person says that when it is not in our hands that we can come to ourselves in the world, then we should end our life. There is no right, but the other person says that we should think that what has been sent to us by the Lord that we should do something ourselves with fear of small problems and we should think that we should never give up in our life. Regardless of how much pain comes to life and we need to learn another thing in our life that if we are very upset about something and we are very angry, but we have this Switch to this point is to remember that we Lele no mistake angry because the decision taken in anger is always wrong...
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Friday, 29 June 2018


                             Nice Story.......😢😢😢😢😢

" बेटा अपने बूढ़े बाप को अनाथआश्रम छोड़कर वापस जा रहा था तो उसकी बीवी ने फ़ोन किया और कहा " अपने बाप को ये भी कह दो कि त्यौहार पर भी घर आने की आवश्यकता नहीं, अब वहीं रहें और हमें शांति से जीने दें",
बेटा वापस मुड़ा और अनाथआश्रम गया तो देखा कि उसका बाप अनाथआश्रम के मैनेजर के साथ ख़ुश गप्पों में व्यस्त है और वो यूं बैठे थे जैसे बरसों से एक दूसरे को जानते हों।
बेटे ने पूछा सर, आप मेरे पिता को किस त़रह़ और कब से जानते हैं?
उसने मुस्कराते हुए जवाब दिया, "जब ये अनाथालय से आपको गोद लेने आए थे"

Thursday, 28 June 2018


Hobby  is the work of giving happiness to you in a way. It is our mental and physical comfort. This is to fulfill your hobby and you should do this work in a spare time.
 If your hobby is in play, it is also good for your health, it gives you happiness and also
By doing the work of your choice, it gives new energy andneeds it. Being busy in the work of your hobby, this is a good work, so that weget a day's rest in everyday activities, If you like to listen to songs, yousongs from trouble of day-to-day work, and if you like to go to a new place,can listen to it and by doing this you can relax your mind by listening tothen you should know. ...

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Thank You

I thank the person who has seen this world, I am thankful that I can see this beauty. People in the world are like those whose life is in misery and their life is not bright.
I am thankful that I can listen to music. There are some people who live whole life silently.
I thank you that my heart may also be in misery, there are some people who are having anything else to do so but they do not have any kind of heartache.
 I am thankful that I can proceed with my work and express my love for my people. There are some people that you do not even have time to meet with the people.
I thank that the people who cared about my attention and understand my words, because there are many people who do not understand.
Many times in our life, we forget about the most important things for which we should thank.


A man goes fishing and it does not know that fish are caught by them. And then he picks his nets in the river to catch fish, but no fish ...